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Functional safety – Our trainings: online and offline

You are looking for a functional safety training? An efficient training at the highest level, and accurately fitting your needs? Find all the information about our ISO 26262 trainings on this website.

Blended Learning - flexible and efficient trainings for your employees

No matter where in the world your employees are, they will learn the theory with flexible cost-saving online-elements. For their precise domain. The online tutorials are followed by a practical course. Your employees will practice exactly the tasks which are important for their day-to-day work.

Virtual Mentoring – Effective learning by supervised doing

The project is at high risk, the employees feel unconfident, or lack compentency? Our mentoring integrates into the project schedule, learning takes place in the project context. Work products and skills are developed concurrently, detours and errors are prevented. Due to the then high competence in their activities, the employees perform extremely efficient in future projects.

Role-based classroom training - Work-related learning

Your employees learn practically, which requirements of ISO 26262 are important for their day-to-day work. Which safety activities they have to perform. With whom they have to communicate. What responsibility they have. Sparing nonessential topics your employees just learn what they need for their area of work. They can ask questions which are immediately and competently answered by the trainer.

Practical teaching by a practical expert:

Your instructor and mentor

Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Hermes has been working in the field of safety-critical product development for 20 years. In 2012 he founded his functional safety engineering office. He sets his focus on the automotive and agricultural sector. Jörg Hermes is your contact for all kinds of trainings, whether classroom training, virtual training, mentoring or e-learning.

Contact Jörg Hermes now to discuss your training needs!

More than 20 training opportunities for functional safety in the automotive field 

These trainings are demanded most frequently:

A system engineer and a software engineer create different work products, a test engineer needs a different background from that of a software architect. In our role-based functional safety trainings the participants learn exactly the things they need for their role and their safety activities. They also learn how their work relates to the work of other roles.

Elicitation of safety requirements, safety analyses, verification, confirmation reviews – for all of these safety activities ISO 26262 requires specific methods and techniques depending on the ASIL. In our method trainings we introduce these methods and techniques and explain their standard-conforming application. The participants can then practice the methods and techniques by means of numerous practical examples.

By training your employees with Hermes Functional Safety Academy your are best prepared to implement functional safety in practice.

These trainings are demanded most frequently:

Functional safety basic knowledge

The basic knowledge training creates awareness of the need for functional safety and introduces the basic concepts. The participants acquire a sound basic knowledge as a basis for all advanced functional safety trainings.

Functional safety for testers

In this training, the safety activities that have to be performed by the test engineers in the system, hardware, and software development phases are explained in detail. Exercises on the creation of the key work products enable practical action of the participants.

Functional safety for system engineers

In this training, the safety activities that have to be performed by the system engineer in the concept and development phases are explained in detail. Exercises on the creation of the key work products enable practical action of the participants.

Fault tree analysis (FTA)

In this training, the safety analysis method FTA is practiced using the software tool ANSYS medini Analyse. The aim is to enable engineers responsible for safety analysis to independently and efficiently perform the required safety activities for the FTA.

Why should you rely on Hermes Functional Safety Academy for your trainings?


Instructor with comprehensive practical experience in functional safety

From his nearly 20 years of working in functional safety projects, Jörg Hermes knows all the activities, different perspectives and pitfalls that may arise.

Trainings tailored to your company-specific needs

We gladly provide specific trainings to our customers. For efficient customization we use a standardized questionnaire to determine your specific training needs. This straight away results in the definition of the training goals and needed training contents.

Target-oriented and effective learning

You will only learn what you need for your work tasks, and practice activities using examples of your day-to-day work.
Jörg Hermes: Trainer und Mentor für Funktionale Sicherheit

Feedback of training participants


Classroom Training: Functional safety basic knowledge

Owing to Mr Hermes I finally succeeded to unravel the complexity of functional safety. He so explicitly answered each individual question that at the end of the basic knowledge training I had really taken in the basics of functional safety. (Translated from German)

Martin S.


Mentoring: Technical Safety Concept

Mr Hermes makes excellent use of his practical experience for precise mentoring. By his help I quickly learned to align the functional safety requirements to the company-specific processes. His frequent feedback on my work by telephone helped me to establish an efficient workflow straight away. (Translated from German)

Tobias W.


Blended Learning: Concept

Hermes Functional Safety Academy has set up a blended-learning concept for functional safety for our company. This concept enables us to teach both the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills. We are now using this concept globally to adapt and extend our existing classroom training program to blended learning. (Translated from German)

Georg F.


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